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Becoming a KLRCA Panellist

Admission to the KLRCA Panel is by invitation from the Director of the KLRCA or by application subject to the consideration and approval of the Director of the KLRCA.

If you wish to make an application, kindly fill up the Panellist Form highlighting your arbitration experience accordingly. There will be no charges applicable for the application. The standard requirement for a successful application is:

  • Tertiary education
  • Sufficient experience in arbitration
  • Any membership or accreditation from any professional membership organisation for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Applicants may refer to KLRCA’s Policy on Appointment of Panellist for further information with regard to empanelment with KLRCA.

The Director of the KLRCA reserves the right, in their absolute discretion, to admit or to refuse the admission of any person to the Panel. In exercising their discretion, the Director of the KLRCA will have regard to, inter alia, the qualifications, experience and standing of an applicant. The Director of the KLRCA also reserves the right, in their absolute discretion, to remove any person from the Panel at any time.

Once appointed, Panellists are bound by the following Codes of Conduct:

For arbitrators who are already empanelled with the KLRCA, renewal of empanelment upon expiry of the 3-year term will be automatic. KLRCA will conduct due diligence and issue a new certificate to you in due course. Please proceed to update your CV, contact details and other information if necessary by sending an email to [email protected]

Panellist registration

Register Online

KLRCA Panellist Online Registration

For any enquires in regards to the online application, kindly contact KLRCA Panellists Administrator at [email protected].

Becoming an Adjudicator

The Adjudication Training Programme

The Adjudication Training Programme is conducted by KLRCA and is designed with the future adjudicator in mind. The programme seeks to train future adjudicators and provide them with the necessary skills to conduct an Adjudication. The programme is conducted over 5 days by experts in the construction industry.
The Adjudication Training Programme consists of 5 training units which are:

Unit One:
The Application of Statutory Adjudication to the Construction Industry

Enables the participants to acquire knowledge and develop a better understanding of adjudication and the effect of CIPAA on the construction industry.

Unit Two:
Practice & Procedure of Adjudication under CIPAA

Enables the participants to acquire a deeper knowledge of the important provisions of CIPAA and understand the necessary requirements of the adjudication process.

Unit Three:
Fundamentals of Construction Law

Introduces the participants to the Malaysian Legal System and provides the basic knowledge of construction law, which includes basic concepts of the law of Contract, Tort and Evidence.

Unit Four:
The Construction Process

Introduces the participants to the basic knowledge of the construction process in particular procurement, processes and contractual arrangements.

Unit Five:
Writing Adjudication Decisions

Enables the participants to acquire the skills necessary to write an adjudication decision in accordance with the provisions in CIPAA.

Who should attend?

Those who aspire to become Adjudicators or those who simply want to acquire detailed knowledge and understanding of the provisions of CIPAA.
Construction lawyers or in-house counsels, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, contractors and those who are involved in the construction industry will find the programme useful.


Participants who pass the exams are awarded with a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to apply to join the KLRCA panel of adjudicators.
Participants who do not wish to sit for the exams are awarded with a Certificate of Attendance and are NOT eligible to apply to join the KLRCA panel of adjudicators.