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KLRCA Revised Arbitration Rules 2017

The KLRCA last revised its Arbitration Rules in 2013. In the light of the recent trends of costs and length optimization of arbitration proceedings, the KLRCA made a decision to improve efficiency and quality in the conduct of KLRCA-administered arbitrations. With this revision of its Arbitration Rules, the KLRCA takes a new turn, and will be balancing its “light-touch” approach with more cost and time effective procedural mechanisms, such as expeditious appointment of emergency arbitrators. Furthermore, Article 1 of Part II of the KLRCA Rules is supplemented with paragraph 4 (as adopted by UNCITRAL in 2013).

Main amendments and additions in the newly released KLRCA Rules:
1. The Guide to the KLRCA Arbitration Rules 2017
2. Model arbitration clause and model submission agreement
3. Commencement of arbitration
4. Joinder of the Parties
5. New power of the Director of the KLRCA to consolidate disputes
6. Technical review of Awards
7. Simplified structure of Schedules

The 2017 Arbitration Rules is effective from 1st June 2017.

In addition to that, KLRCA is currently working on the Practical Note on the Technical Review of Arbitral Awards and Practical Note on Tribunal Secretary Services.