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Maritime Law Conference
25 Oct 2016 - 26 Oct 2016 /8:30 AM - 6:00 PM /KLRCA Bangunan Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur

Shipping disputes date back many centuries. The means of enforcing admiralty claims and recovering maritime debts began to take the forms as we now know them, over the last 100 years. The Arrest Convention of 1952 remains the primary source of the admiralty jurisdiction asserted by many countries.

Despite the advancement of technology and the cyclical rise and fall in the profitability of the shipping trade, effective resolution of maritime claims remains a constant concern. The desire to match the evolution of dispute resolution to the demands of changing times, prompts us to revisit the management of maritime and shipping disputes.

Legal Plus in collaboration with The International Malaysian Society of Maritime Law (IMSML), the Malaysia Inner Temple Alumni Association and the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn Alumni of Malaysia, offers the maritime industry a rare opportunity to hear from maritime law makers and law enforcers, the inside story of the critical factors that make for effective resolution of maritime claims in current times.

This Conference offers a special blend of speakers and topics, aptly designed to introduce to the novice the fascinating area of maritime law and practice, whilst providing to the hard core shipping enthusiast intricate authoritative analysis from international and national experts, on the key considerations that affect bottom line costs and time management, and that deal with complex issues of overlapping jurisdiction and applicable limitation and arrest laws.

It is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for shipowners, insurers, P&I Clubs and correspondents, executives of export and trading companies, in- house and corporate counsel, maritime and commercial arbitrators and lawyers, executives engaged in the maritime and commodities industry; to gain insights from eminent maritime Judges, arbitrators, lawyers, policy makers and regulatory authorities.

The KLRCA is a proud venue sponsor of the ‘Maritime Law Conference’

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