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KLRCA Talk Series: Mediating Data Protection Breaches & Disputes
12 Feb 2015 /3:00 PM - 5:00 PM /KLRCA Bangunan Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur

Throughout 2014, several leading global companies and organisations’ data security systems were hacked and data security breaches dominated most mainstream media headlines. To date, national governments have been working vigorously to find the pragmatic and win-win workable solution. Data breaches may be originated by insiders of companies and organisations and occasionally, by external parties, beyond borders and jurisdictions. Against this landscape, the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) aim to gauge holistic data breaches and disputes resolution perspectives from leading global data protection and privacy specialists. This 2-hour talk provides comprehensive overview on mediating data breaches and disputes from different jurisdictions: ASEAN (Malaysia & Singapore), Asia-Pacific and Europe. Broadly, the speakers will share selected data breach scenarios and how different data users (data controllers) and data processors resolve these by way of mediation, instead of, litigation. In essence, the speakers will contextualise different breach scenarios and offer practical guidance on how to mediate and resolve. The breaches and disputes may involve: Data users (controllers) and data processors; Data processors and sub-data processors; Data users (controllers), data processors and, in the presence of the Data Protection Authorities or Sector Specific Regulators (as the Mediator).

Programme Flow

3:00 PM Introductory Remarks by KLRCA

3:10 PM  Presentation by Noriswadi Ismail

3:55 PM  Presentation by Dr Sonny Zulhuda

4:15 PM  Video Presentation – Malcolm Crompton (Asia-Pacific Experience) & Dr Paolo Balboni (European Experience)

4:30 PM Panel Discussion (Moderated by Dr Sivasangaran Nadarajah; Panellist: Noriswadi Ismail, Dr Sonny Zulhuda & Dr Paolo Balboni (via Skype)

5:00 PM Closing Remarks & End of Programme

Speakers Profile


As global data protection & privacy specialist, Noris leads data protection & privacy consultation, conducts training and capacity building engagement across diversified industries and stakeholders. Noris travels and manages global data protection & privacy consulting roles and training projects between Kuala Lumpur (40%), London (40%), Brussels (10%) and Singapore (10%) extensively. As a member of International Association Privacy Professionals, Noris has more than 7 years of Post Qualifying Experience (PQE) in data protection and privacy and more than 8 years of risk management, corporate counsel and compliance PQE roles. Noris is a valued contributor of Data guidance for Malaysia and ASEAN and on 28th December 2012, recognised as the Privacy by Design Ambassador by the Informa- tion and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Dr. Ann Cavoukian. He is the lead editor of “Beyond Data Protection, Strategic Case Studies and Practical Guidance,” Springer, 2013 and the sole author of “Understanding Personal Data Protection Law”, LexisNexis, 2013. Noris holds the prestigious United Kingdom (UK) Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection, the first Malaysian and ASEAN professional qualified to practice data protection in the UK. Noris is also the alumni of 3 prestigious scholarship programmes: The British Chevening Scholarship, The US Fulbright Professional Exchange Program Scholarship and The Japanese Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship.


Dr. Sonny Zulhuda writes and speaks on Internet governance, information security and personal data protection law. A Ph.D. holder from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) on information security law, he is an Oxford Internet Institute SDP scholar, an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) fellow and a certified Internet Citizen (IC/1Citizen) trainer. He helped the Government of Malaysia in developing the National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP) and in conducting training on Personal Data Protection law for several agencies including the PDP Department. Sonny is now an Assistant Professor at the Civil Law Department, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law, IIUM Gombak, Selangor.


Dr. Nadarajah holds a B.Sc.(Eng.)(Hons.) and a Ph.D. (Engineering) from Kings College London besides a LLB (London). He is currently an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya, an Adjudicator, a Mediator and a Patent Agent. He has experience as a consultant mechanical engineer in the construction industry overseeing design, value engineering and contract administration of works and as a software developer. As a legal practitioner, he has, amongst others: advised on Competition, Personal Data Protection and Construction Law; drafted and reviewed various IT, cloud computing, construction and engineering related contracts.

He was a speaker at the MyIPO-PhAMA IP Seminar 2011 “1Malaysia Medicines: The Way Forward in Intellectual Property” on the topic of “Malaysian Patent Law – Pharmaceuticals”. Furthermore, he has co-authored technical papers which were published in The Transactions of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in Detroit, USA, in the Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (London, UK), conferences and symposiums.

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