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3rd Annual Symposium for Arbitrators And Mediators
26 Apr 2017 /All Day /Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya

Collaboration between National Courtsand Dispute Resolution Professionals

Key topics include:

  • The cost and time related benefits to resolving international commercial disputes through mediation and arbitration;
  • The role mediators, arbitrators and legal counsel play in assisting parties throughout and beyond the mediation and arbitration process; 
  • The rising presence of mediation and arbitration in Indonesia, Singapore and surrounding countries as a means to resolve investment disputes between states and nationals of other states; 
  • The venues and institutions available in the Asia-Pacific region for hosting international commercial mediation and arbitration; 
  • Regulatory and practical developments in alternate dispute resolution in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific Region; and 
  • Landmark and recent mediation and arbitration cases and how their outcomes may affect future practice. 
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